What is Law Enforcement Exploring?
What Type of Activities and Benefits are available to Explorers ?
The Aurora Police Explorers are civilian volunteers who perform
a variety of community relations work and are a valuable asset
to the police department.

  • Explorers participate in community events by assisting
    with traffic and crow control.

  • That can assist at the three Police District Station Front
    Desks answering phones and providing information to the

  • Explorers conduct tours of Police Headquarters.

  • Explorers who complete 8 hours of service or training for
    each month have the opportunity to ride with a patrol
    officer and experience first hand police operations in the

  • Explorer participate in local, regional, and national
    conferences and competitions.

  • Explorers receive training in arrest contact, tactical
    operations, crime scene investigations, hostage
    negotiations, domestic violence, ethics, traffic stops and
    other law enforcement subjects.

  • The Explorer Post hosts an annual paintball/camping
    weekend for its membership.  

  • Explorers have the opportunity to receive scholarship
    money for college.

  • Explorers who excel in the program are eligible for
    leadership positions in the Post.  Post leaders plan and
    organize post functions.

  • Explorers who excel in the program are eligible to receive
    Civil Service Preference points when they apply to
    become an Aurora Police Officer.