The Police Explorer shoulder patch also serves
as the logo for Post 2024.  It was designed by
Sergeant Chris Amsler and approved to be
worn in 2003.  Prior to that Explorers wore the
National Law Enforcement Explorer Patch.

The blue and silver colors in the patch are the
post colors.  The seal in the middle is the seal
of Law Enforcement Exploring.  The gold ring
around the seal represents the City of Aurora.
Post Patch & Logo
Post Badge Patch
The Police Explorer badge patch was also redesigned and approved to be worn
on the Police Explorer uniform in 2003.

Prior to this patch Explorers wore the Aurora Police badge patch with a rocker
above it which stated "EXPLORER".  

The badge patch contains the Post colors and Law Enforcement Exploring Seal.  
This patch is worn by members holding the rank of Police Explorer & Explorer
Command Staff Badges
Members of the Post Command Staff are issued metal badges as a sign of
their accomplishment.  

Sergeants, Lieutenants, and the Post Captain and Commander's badges are
gold in color while the Explorer Agents badges are silver in color.

The badges are designed to look different then those worn by sworn officers of
the Aurora Police Department.